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Melisende Akko

Where history meets pleasure

oasis garden


Experience the magic of Melisende, an exquisite boutique hotel located in the heart of the charming old city of Akko.


Choose from our exclusive suites, spread out along the picturesque alleys in several different buildings, and designed for couples and families. Or indulge in our Oasis adults-only gated compound with an exotic courtyard and pool, perfect for couples or a group of friends.

Each suite offers a harmonious blend of old and new, creating the perfect balance of comfort and tradition. 


Come and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting city


All Melisende units were carefully planned and designed by Michal Matalon >>

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The Location

Our units are located in the heart of the old city of Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by all of Akko's main attractions including the Turkish Bazaar, the Halls of the Knights, the market, Al Jazar Mosque, the Turkish bath, the port, and only a minute from the promenade on the sea walls.

Oasis 5 room
melisende 2 entrance
oasis5 room

Impressive arches create a connection to the local history

oasis5 bath

All six units are in approximately 500-year-old buildings that have undergone massive renovation preservation and restoration.

The design of the rooms is a mixture of old and new.
The high and impressive arches create a connection to the local history and the modern design with the room amenities provide the indulgence of a home away from home.

Relax and indulge



oasis garden

This complex is a perfect getaway with friends or a chance for a romantic stay while enjoying the beautiful old city of Akko.

enjoying the beautiful old city of Akko

​Melisende Oasis is a gated 3 rooms complex with a common yard and a heated jacuzzi pool with a tropical garden. It is an adult-only complex and the rooms are designed for couples in mind. The rooms have a bathtub inside the main area, and a very pampering shower.

oasis complex




In addition to the Oasis complex, there are 3 more Melisende units that are scattered independently in the old city. 2 and 3 are adjacent and 1 is located by the Turkish Bazar


Our breakfast is a feast of Akko Made from fresh ingredients collected in the local market and served to you in an authentic and inviting way to complete your Akko experience. The buffet allows you to start your day with fresh vegetables, roasted eggplant with tahini, homemade cheeses, olives, hummus, mazats, jam, and yogurts, plus a la carte egg dishes.

We have two choices of breakfast, one is a kosher option served in a terrace overlooking the ocean and the other is an authentic breakfast served in an authentic Ottoman building using Akko's finest ingredients. Both are great options and are yours to make. 

Our Breakfast

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