Melisende Oasis is a gated 3 room complex with a common yard and a pool/jacuzzi with a tropical garden. It has It is an adult only offering and the rooms are designed for couples in mind. The rooms are super spacy, all have a bath tub inside the main area, and a very pampering shower and rest room. This complex makes for a perfect getaway with friends or a chance for a romantic stay while enjoying the beautiful old city of Akko. The rooms are slightly different in size but share a common style and all have the same ammeneties such as: Nespresso Machine, small fridge, very comfortable matress, Smart TV, AC and a ceiling fan for your convenience.

Melisende 5 bath
Melisende 5 bath 2
Melisende 5 bathtub
Melisende 5 bed
Melisende 5 bed 2
Melisende 5 bedside
Melisende 5 chair
Melisende 5 hat
Melisende 5 lamp
Melisende 5 robes
Melisende 5 shower
Melisende 5 side
Melisende 5 sink
Melisende 5 tv
Melisende Garden 3
Melisende Garden 4
Oaisis Door 2
Oasis Common
Oasis Door
Oasis Door 3
Oasis Door 4
Oasis Entrance
Oasis Entrance 2
Oasis Entrance 3
Oasis Garden 2
Oasis Garden 6
Oasis Pool 2
Oasis Pool 3
Oasis Pool front
Oasis common Front
Oasis garden
Pool View
Pool View 5
Pool View 6
Pool View 7