Melisende I, is our original melisende and is located in the heart of the Old City, five seconds from the Turkish bazaar and a minute’s walk to the market and all of Akko’s major attractions. It boasts an intimate courtyard with a sitting area and fountain that leads to an Ottoman room with Crusader touches, a mix of old and new. The impressive arches and stonework create a connection to the locale and its history and the modern design and excellent facilities provide the pampering we all wish will embrace us when away from home.

Melisende I can accommodate up to 3-4 people in a king size bed and a sofa that opens to a double bed. The place is very spacious, 70 square meters and includes a fully equipped kitchenette, an entrance, a closet, a luxurious bathroom, 2 air conditioners, a ceiling fan and a central and advanced ventilation system. ​

Melisende 1 entrance

Beutiful entrance to Melisende 1 with a patio

Melisende 1 Bed

King size bed to comfortably fit you and pamper your stay

Melisende 1 washroom

Clean and accessible washroom for all your needs

Melisende 1 patio

Here you can relax smoke and chill

Melisende 1 kitchen

Kitchen to suit your needs with a coffee maker, microwave and a fridge

Melisende 1 bathroom

Entrance to the bathroom is with a special decor

Melisende 1 Kitchen

Roomy and useful kitchen

Melinsende 1 Bed

Large King size bed to fit your needs

Melinsende 1 Kitchen close up[

Wine, Milk, or a cold beer, we have the tools to fit your needs.

Melinsende 1 Main door

Locked by a unique and safe mechanism to keep you safe

Melisende 1 entrance

Beutiful entrance to Melisende 1 with a patio

Melisende 1 pathway

Very spacious room