Melisende II, is our largest room and has the ability to comfortably accommodate 4-5 people in two queen size beds. It is located steps from the seaside and a minutes walk from the market. A perfect blend between old and new that allows any family or friends to explore the magic of Akko for either a weekend or any other occasion during the week.

The unit is very spacious (about 60 square meters) and includes a large shower and a luxurious pampered bath, a separate toilet room, a fully equipped kitchenette, a comfortable seating area, storage cabinets, cable TV, WiFi, fan, central air conditioning, electric curtains and windows and intelligent locking systems.

Every detail is perfected to provide a best in class experience and a unique setting for your stay.

כיכר גנואה בשנת 1933

סוחרים מעבירים סחורה על גבי חמורים. זו אותה החזית של מליסנדה 2

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